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Helping you assert your fathers' rights

44519860_S.jpgWhether married or unmarried, parents in Illinois face a wide variety of challenges. While most of these involve how best to raise a child, some parents fight to assert their parental rights. In some cases, fathers are not instantly afforded parental rights when a child is born. Sometimes a father must take certain steps to invoke his rights, because it must be proven that he is in fact the father.

Fathers' rights issues could occur in a wide variety of situations. Whether a father is seeking to gain custody or visitation rights or prove that he is not obligated to pay child support for a child that is not his, it is important to understand how this process is completed and addressed. At Stange Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys have helped individuals in the Springfield area navigate family law issues, such as paternity.

What are the benefits of an open adoption?

15223906_S.jpgAs a previous post highlighted, various types of families often utilize adoption. And depending on the needs and wishes of the biological and adoptive parents, adoption can look very different from family to family. While there is no correct type of adoption, some tend to provide a wider range of benefits. Because it can be tough to place a child up for adoption and never look back, biological parents sometimes seek an open adoption.

What are the benefits of an open adoption? An open adoption is based and built up on the openness of both the birth parents and adoptive parents. By keeping in contact, this type of adoption is viewed as being rather beneficial for the child involved. While an open adoption means having contact between biological and adoptive parents, contact can mean different things to each family.

Understanding the different types of adoption in Illinois

18919061_S.jpgNot all families are developed the traditional way. Because not all women are able to conceive or carry a child full-term, some individuals in Illinois and elsewhere become parents through adoption. While this is a very beneficial process in society, giving adults the opportunity to become parents and for children to have a safe and loving home, it is also a complex process. Even more so, adoption can look very different from family to family, mostly because they are shaped to meet the needs of those gaining and giving up parental rights.

Adoption can be completed through an agency. However, it could be carried out independently. While it is very common to go through a public or private adoption agency because they are able to provide the support and counseling often required in the process, adoption could be completed independently. This typically means that it involves close personal relationships. Whether it is a friend or a relative. It should be noted that independent adoptions can be more restrictive, requiring more reporting and oversight throughout the process.

Dealing with a high conflict divorce

11686437_S.jpgFiling for divorce is by no means easy. And even if one or both spouses agree that it is best for them to end their union, this does not mean that there aren't any emotions or that they are not hurt by the fact that their marriage is over. In some cases, divorcing couples in Illinois and elsewhere might be faced with difficult divorce decisions, causing a heated debate. And while no one intends to or expects that their dissolution will resemble a battle filled with conflict, the fact of the matter is that this could happen.

No matter what tools or method a spouse employs to address a high conflict divorce, a toxic divorce is one that is difficult to manage. This type of dissolution occurs when one spouse is responsible for escalating the contention. Even though one spouse wants to proceed with the dissolution process in a more equitable way, the other spouse continually refuses to cooperate.

What makes a military divorce different from a civilian divorce?

35462374_S.jpgAs a previous post discussed, divorces for military service members can be different and more complex when compared to civilian divorces. Because military laws apply to certain aspects, the process itself can be prolonged or complicated. Thus, those filing for a divorce should understand what protections are provided military members and what issues they should pay special attention to.

What makes a military divorce different from a civilian divorce? It should be noted that one way a military divorce is different is that Congress has afforded military service members legal protections during divorce proceedings. These protections are not offered to the public at large as these protections protect the legal interests of servicemen and woman, especially when it comes to their military benefits and pension.

Helping you through the military divorce process

52726583_S.jpgSpouses in Illinois and elsewhere can have careers that can significantly impact a marital relationship. While there is a wide variety of civilian careers that can do this, the demanding lifestyle of a military career can put strain and stress on a marriage. This is especially true when the military spouse is deployed or training in a different state. The lengthy separation for months and even years can cause a marriage to break, causing spouses to face the reality of divorce.

At Stange Law Firm, PC we understand the complexities a military divorce can bring. Whether it is the service member spouse filing for divorce or not, initiating and progressing the dissolution process can be challenging. This is especially true if the military spouse is currently deployed. Thus, we are dedicated to helping spouses in the Springfield area navigate the obstacles and pitfalls involved in a military divorce.

The growing trend away from sole custody during divorce

58904961_S.jpgParents always want what is best for their children. How can they help it? A child is his or her world, and during a divorce, parents in Illinois and elsewhere will do anything to limit the negative impact the process could have on the child. This requires not only considering the dissolution process itself but also how the post divorce life will look. In some cases, a parent might have so much animosity with their former spouse that they seek to go to great lengths to either protect the child from their ex or file for sole custody. Whether this is out of care or spite, it is often a custody arrangement that is difficult at achieving.

Absent any physical abuse, drug addictions or mental health issues, it is difficult to successfully pursue an action for primary custody of a child. Sole custody could be granted if there exist factors that prove a child is safer and better off with one parent; however, if such factors do not exist, experts agree that children are much happier and healthier when a relationship is maintained and built with both parents post-divorce.

New rules for determining child support in Illinois

36312005_S.jpgEnsuring that the needs of a child are met during and after a divorce is necessary. While it is not always easy to work through these family law issues, taking the time to properly reach an amicable solution not only benefits the parents involved but also the child. Child support is often necessary to work out during a divorce. However, divorcing and divorced parents should note that the laws controlling this family law issue can often change. This could make obtaining or modifying such an order much different.

According to recent reports, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services announced that new rules controlling child support would be enacted. The income-sharing model will be used. This means that child support will be calculated based on the income of both parents.

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