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How does debt play a role in divorce?

F42201048_S.jpginancial topics are inherent to the divorce process. When two spouses decide that their relationship is untenable, their is an unwinding of finances that must happen. Some assets were acquired prior to the marriage, some after. And many spouses will make claims that are in their interests, meaning that they aren't always right. 

We bring this up because there is one topic that often lurks under the radar when you hear the topic of "finances and divorce" being discusses, and that is debt. When a married couple files for divorce, they will have to address their debt. One of the ways to do this is to outline who is responsible for what in a prenuptial agreement.

How social media plays a key role in divorce

31480030_S.jpgWhether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. And all of your social media profiles could have a significant impact on your divorce. From Twitter to Facebook, and Snapchat to Instagram, these profiles contain a wealth of information that could be used against you in a divorce. In addition, if you use these accounts after a divorce has been completed, your social media activity could also get you into trouble.

But what specifically are we talking about? Let's take a look at some of the ways that social media could present some crucial evidence to a divorce case:

Family law terminology and the role of lawyers

39537870_S.jpgOne of the most intimidating aspects of any litigation, may it be family law, personal injury or real estate law, is the terminology and the legal language of a case. Some people actually avoid consulting with an attorney or pressing their (potentially legitimate) case because of the feared complication involved. Well, today, we want to help dispel some of that fear by going over some basic terms and vocabulary involved in family law cases.

First, you've probably heard of an annulment before. This is where a marriage is completely and legally dissolved, as if it never happened. However, annulments are only granted under certain circumstances. This "dissolving" is called the dissolution of a marriage. There is also legal separation, which sees both spouses living separately and under the terms set forth by a court -- but the couple is still legally married.

Grey divorce: older couples are filing more and more

37230984_S.jpgOver the last five years, you have probably heard about a phenomenon in the world of family law that has been gaining steam. It is called "grey divorce" and it refers to the notion that older couples are getting divorced more and more frequently. A grey divorce is when two spouses are aged 50 or older and they decide to get a divorce.

As you can probably imagine, a grey divorce presents some unique challenges for the splitting spouses. Since they are older, it is more likely that they have more assets and wealth to divide and separate during the divorce process than a younger couple. They may also have assets that many spouses wouldn't even have to consider in their divorce.

Deciding to divorce: financial considerations to make

34058336_S.jpgImagine a married couple that lives many years together. They obviously get used to a certain lifestyle and a certain routine, right/ Well, one day they have an argument that has been building for years, and the couple realizes that they have hit a very serious and potentially relationship-breaking impasse. After weeks, or perhaps months, of therapy and trying to figure out their problems, they realize there is simply no fixing their problem.

They decide to divorce.

Co-parenting pop quiz: Are you ready to go back to school?

43145979_S.jpgIn the coming weeks, kids across Springfield will be heading back to the structure and routine of a new school year. In preparation, parents will be doing some back-to-school shopping, checking out class schedules, meeting teachers and doing whatever needs to be done to prepare their kids for the next year.

However, parents can be doing a few things to prepare themselves for going back-to-school as well; particularly parents who share custody of their children. If you are in this position, there are a few things you can do to make sure you and your parenting plan are ready for the year ahead.

A reminder that divorce isn't always a bitter end

41099799_S.jpgOur source article for this post is a bit different than most other sources. It is a collection of Instagram posts that show divorcing couples posing for their "divorce selfie." Basically, divorcing couples are celebrating their divorce by taking a picture of themselves with their ex-spouses and showing the world that they are not confined or constrained by the stereotypes of divorce and the way most people expect certain events to turn out.

It's an important lesson to learn because most people think that a divorce involves two angry spouses who can't even be in the same room with each other without yelling or getting into an argument. While such relationships do exist, there is also another end of the divorce spectrum. Some splitting couples are perfectly happy and comfortable with their divorce, and they don't see their ex-husband or ex-wife as an enemy, either in the divorce or in life.

Spouses that receive child support: these costs are covered

42706524_S.jpgChild support is a crucial aspect to many divorce agreements not just because it helps a spouse who may not be fully able to cover certain expenses for a child, but because the child needs the financial resources to learn, grow and become the person that he or she wants to become. And yet, there are some people that think child support should only apply for a finite number of costs.

This is a myth. Child support can actually cover a wide range of costs, activities and financial matters so that the child isn't left without certain materials or in need of basic necessities. So what does child support cover? Let's count the ways this provision can help families who have gone through divorce: